Inspect7® Latest Update

At safetime®, we love listening to ideas and feedback from our customers and trying our hardest to implement their suggestions. This is why, due to popular demand, we have added a brand new feature to the Inspect7® portal, called “Comments this week“. 

Comments This Week

‘Comments this week’ is a feature that…you guessed it, brings all comments within the current week into one simple and easy to access page. Inspect7® users can now view a list of every comment made within the current week in just one click. This means you no longer need to go within each and every assignment to check whether a comment has been made. 

Each comment within the list will include; the assignment the comment has been made on, the project it belongs to, the date of the comment, the user who wrote the comment and any actions or photos attached with the comment. Comments older than a week will also be accessible from this page.

To access this feature, simply click on the ‘Comments this week’ panel located on the dashboard as highlighted below:

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