safetime® – Client Access 

The safetime® portal acts as a scaffolding management tool, giving you real-time inspection information and reports. Which is great! But what about your clients? Will they have access to this information also? 

At safetime® we think about every small detail. Unlike other scaffolding inspection software on the market, we have made it super easy to give your clients access to the information they need. More importantly, at NO extra cost! 

What Do I Need?

  1. The client to have signed up to the portal 
  2. The client’s email address. 

The sign-up:

If the client hasn’t already done so, ask them to sign up to the safetime® portal via the website. 

image of the sign up form

The Invitation: 

From the ‘Users‘ tab of the online portal, there is an option for clients. From here you have the ability to ‘Assign Client Access‘. Here’s what it looks like and how simple it is to complete:

image of the assign client access form

As you can see, there are three fields to be filled as part of the process; the client’s name, email address, and the projects you want them to have access to. The last field, selecting projects the client can view, is designed so that they can only see the data that they need to see and nothing else. This acts as a privacy mechanism, but also makes it considerably easier for the client to grab the information they need instantly.

Once these fields have been inputted and ‘Send Invitation‘ has been clicked, the recipient client will then receive an invitation via email. Following the link provided in the email, the client can log in and see the information you have given them access to. 

Here’s an example of the invitation the client will receive:

image of invitation email

It’s that simple! 

For more information or enquiries, on this topic or any other feature, please contact us on 0330 223 1315 or fill in our Support Form.

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