We aim to be as helpful as we can when explaining how Inspect7® works. Therefore, we have put together a series of our most frequently asked questions about our scaffolding inspection device and software.

Frequently Asked Questions:


“How long will the LED flash for?”

Once the device has expired, the LED will flash for 72 hours. After this time if the inspection still has not been carried out the device will continue to flash with an ‘E’ indicating that the inspection has expired.

“How do I attach it to the scaffolding?”

The device has been designed so that it can be fitted using plastic cable ties. You can fix horizontally or vertically, it can also be screwed to hoarding/scaffolding.

“Do you need to be in a 4G/Wi-Fi area to inspect a device?”

As long as the devices have been associated with your company (i.e. scanned at least once) you do not need 4G/Wi-Fi on site, so you can therefore use the devices in basement areas etc. Once you are in a 4G/Wi-Fi area you can then sync your latest inspection data with the secure cloud.

“Can I Re-use the device on a different site?”

Once a site has finished with the device(s) it can be disassociated and can then be reused on another site, and another, and another…..

”Can the software be hosted from our servers?”

The key objective behind safetime® is ‘Open Collaboration’ the only way this can be achieved is for safetime® to host the web portal from their servers. This does of course eliminate the need for organisations to upgrade their servers and also means that we can implement upgrades to the software in the background without the need of the customer to do anything.

”Is user data safe & secure?”

Inspect7® runs from a Virtual Private Server (VPS) which can be upgraded to suit the needs of the portal system. The server is cloned to a secondary location so in the event of a catastrophe, there is no disruption to your service. All information stored on our server is encrypted.

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