Carrying out an inspection

How do I carry out an inspection using the app?

Once you have every set up with Inspect7® (Created your first project and assignment), the next thing you’ll want to do is carry out an inspection! If you haven’t yet created a project or an assignment, you’ll need to do these things first before you can carry out an inspection. Click the following links to learn how to do so: Creating a project / Creating an assignment

Carrying out an inspection

Inspections with Inspect7® are carried out using our inspection app, which uses NFC (Near Field Communication). By scanning our inspection hardware (devices or labels), a connection between the hardware and app is made, allowing the user to carry out an inspection using the in-built checklist. This data is then sent in real-time to the online portal and saved to the assignment.

To carry out an inspection, follow these steps:

  1. Open and log in to the Inspect7® app on your handset
  2. Press the red NFC button located at the bottom middle of your display
  3. While you have the scan page countdown displayed, make contact with the Inspect7® device or label using your handset (as if you were making a contactless card payment between the two)
  4.  Press the green ‘Inspect now’ button
  5. Complete the inspection checklist and press ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ button depending on the outcome of the inspection. The button will change dynamically depending on the fields you toggle in the checklist. Clicking this button will complete the inspection.

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