Disassociating a device

How do I disassociate a device to reuse on a new project?

Once an assignment or project has been completed, the Inspect7® device can be reused on a new assignment. Before you can use your inspection device on a new assignment, you must disassociate it from its’ current assignment first.

Follow the steps below to disassociate your Inspect7® device from its’ current assignment:

  1. Log in to the [Iinspect7] app on your handset
  2. Press the red NFC icon at the bottom of the screen
  3. Scan the Inspect7® device by holding your phone over the front of the device (the same way as you would carry out an inspection)
  4. Click the ‘Complete‘ button and then ‘Submit‘ to confirm the competition.

This device has now been disassociated from the assignment and can now be used on a new assignment.

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