Adding an inspector to a project

How do I add a user as an inspector to one of my projects?

Before you can add an inspector to one of your projects, they first must be a user of your company. If they are not yet a user, please read ‘Adding a user to your company‘ first. Once they have signed up and a user of your company, you can add them as an inspector to a project using the following steps (please note this is an admin only task):

  1. From the online portal, navigate to ‘Projects’ from the top menu
  2. From the list of projects, click the project you would like to add an inspector for
  3. Then click the ‘Users‘ tab from the submenu
  4. From the list of inspectors, click the ‘Add‘ button at the bottom
  5. Search for the users’ name, select them from the dropdown and click ‘Add

The user will now have access to this project both on the portal and inspection app. The inspector may need to manually sync their app if they are trying to access the project immediately after being added. If not the app will download the latest changes automatically next time it establishes an internet connection.

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