Welcome to the new Inspect7 Beta!

We have recently been hard at work redesigning the safetime® portal, which will now be called Inspect7! The revamp comes shortly after our website redesign and product re-brand. safetime® is pleased to announce that the public beta release of Inspect7 is now available. This beta release is made available to allow our user base to test and evaluate the next major version of Inspect7.

New design, same layout…

Don’t worry, despite the revamp, everything will still appear and work in the same way as before! We have carefully redesigned the portal so that it matches our new look, without making any fundamental changes that affect usability. 

image of the inspect7 portal dashboard

So, What Has Changed?

  • The safetime® portal and devices will now be known as ‘Inspect7‘.
  • Overall redesign to create a more user-friendly and visual experience.
  • Bar chart has been added to the dashboard to display ‘inspections due this week‘. 
  • The pie chart has now been changed to show the state of all of your live devices (Failed, Overdue & Passed). 
  • When zoomed out, the map groups devices together. 
  • ‘Find as you type’ feature has been added to various pages, such as ‘Projects
  • Admin abilities, such as creating a new project or adding a teammate, has now been moved to one dedicated page under ‘Companies‘.  
  • Generating reports have been collated into one user-friendly wizard. 
  • Reports can now be downloaded as an XLSX (Microsoft Excel).
  • Downloaded reports have been redesigned in line with our new branding.
  • Each assignment now includes a visual representation of the individual Inspect7 device, showing it’s current state and battery level. 
  • Individual inspection data can now be toggled between minimal or more advanced, showing you the data you care about the most. 

We encourage users to test the beta software to ensure that it works well in your own environment. As you know, there is a variety of environments and situations for which we cannot test. We test the functionality of the software with a standard environment. We appreciate all of your testing and feedback.

promo image of the inspect7 portal dashboard

Take a look for yourself! 

Are you a user on the safetime® portal? If so, log in now to see the changes! 

Try the beta


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