Happy New Year from safetime®

We hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year, we certainly did! safetime® had an exciting 2018, with lots of updates and changes, but we can’t wait to share what we are working on and going to release in 2019… 


Clik-it® is a new scaffolding based product designed and produced by safetime®. Implementing ‘QR’ technology, Clik-it® works seamlessly with the Inspect7® device and portal, allowing the user, client or anyone involved with the scaffolding, access to the crucial assignment information or to”pull the device” if the structure becomes unsafe to use. 

In essence, Clik-it® is a Inspect7® holder, but with the added benefit of a “Do Not Use” label on the rear when you remove the device.  You can also print your own labels, which means you can display more information to the end user along with a QR code.  The QR code allows all users (both Android and iOS) to access the data online in real-time.

Click-it® Backplate For Scaffolding Inspections

Inspection Labels

To make the digital inspection process compatible for iOS users, we have created an inspection label. Unlike our Inspect7® devices, these labels have no digital display, therefore it doesn’t require the NFC communication that Apple block to third-party apps. These labels will fit our Clik-it® board and can be inspected by scanning it’s QR code with our app. As there is no digital display to communicate the scaffold’s status (i.e Inspection Overdue), users can use both sides of the label to communicate whether the scaffold is ready/safe to use or not. 

SafeTime Inspection Label             SafeTime Inspection Label

Custom Questionnaires

safetime® has always had a vision of making Inspect7® universal for all industries, not just scaffolding. Now, in 2019, that vision will become a reality with ‘Custom Questionnaires’. This feature will allow users to create a new ‘Custom Questionnaire’ that fits the purpose of the thing that they are inspecting. They can also choose from an existing questionnaire from the database that another user has already created. (User created questionnaires are checked and approved by us before they are adding to the database).

Handover Certificates

We are always listening to our customers/users and always willing to try and implement as many suggestions as we can. Over the past few years, we have had multiple requests to add the handover procedure to our app. This is now something we are very happy to release early this year! 

Once this update has been released, Inspect7® users will be able to decide if they would like to add a ‘Handover Certificate’ after every inspection via the Inspect7® app. If they choose to include a handover certificate, they will be asked to fill in the required handover information and a digital handover certificate will subsequently be produced and saved to the Inspect7® portal and cloud. This certificate can then be sent to the required people to be digitally signed and finally downloaded as a PDF. 

We’re really looking forward to 2019 and everything new to come! For any further details on anything mentioned, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. 


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