Handover Certificates

Handover certificates on Inspect7® are finally here! The feature will now allow Inspect7® users to create a handover certificate for every one of their assignments. Great right?

How does it work?

Users on the Inspect7® Gold subscription will be able to to create a handover certificate after the first inspection of a new assignment. The system will take you through adding all the details of the handover step-by-step, such as the method of tying, loadings and uses.

The handover can then be sent onto the end user for acceptance. Users can choose to send the handover certificate to a guest of their project on the system or to a specific email address. The recipient will then receive an email with a link to the handover certificate and the ability to accept it by a digital signature.

Less paper, more data…

Record handovers with no paperwork! All of your handover certificates can be accessed, viewed and downloaded via the online portal, with the ability to create a new revision or change the acceptor. The status of your handovers can also be tracked, for example, whether they have been accepted or not.

Take a look

Here’s an example handover certificate generated from one of our demo assignments:

Room for change

If there is any part of the handover certificate you would like changing or any other fields you would like to include, don’t worry as our handover certificates can be customised to fit your company needs.

(New app version to support handovers being rolled out in the next few days)

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