At safetime® we have been working on new products to expand our current products to provide our customers with multiple way of carrying out different inspections.

Inspect7® Ties

The Inspect7® zip tie is perfect for inspecting the smaller things and can also be used for *harness inspections and tethered tools.

Inspect7® Keyfob

The Inspect7® keyfob can be attached to a key ring for use with *vehicle inspections.

Inspect7® M Label

The Inspect7® Micro labels can be attached to small objects for any kind of inspection for example *fire extinguishers and small tools.

Inspect7® Asset

The Inspect7® asset used for attaching to assets of value for example *drills and other tools

Inspect7® Structural tie

The Inspect7® Structural Tie is used to attaching to a structural tie for recording information relevant to scaffold ties.

A sample of all our products can be purchased from our online shop

*Requires minimum plan of silver for 1 custom questionnaire

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