By law, every employer must make sure that  work equipment is maintained and company vehicles are no exception. The paperwork involved in inspecting vehicles can often be lost, manipulated and could result in unsafe vehicles being driven on the road. Do you have photos that prove the inspection did take place? Do you record the location of vehicle inspections? Are you able ensure that your employees record daily or weekly checks on vehicles?  

The SafeTime® Inspect7® system can be used to carry out these routine inspections.  The questionnaire can be customised for your organisation and photos can be attached to the inspection report to ensure you have accurate information. Our KeyFobs are the perfect partner for the vehicle inspections.  

Drivers should check tyres, lights, and indicators at the start of every shift, this can then be logged by scanning a Inspect7 KeyFob and filling out a short questionnaire with the inspection results. Faults and observations can then be recorded on the system and the relevant person can be assigned an action. The Keyfob can remain with the keys, so when a new operator picks up the keys, they can also view the full inspection history within seconds, just by scanning the keyfob. 

The Inspect7® keyfob is a passive inspection system, which works in the same way as our Inspect7® devices, but with no digital display, making it a considerably cheaper alternative whilst keeping all the benefits of the Inspect7® system. 

Companies that use our Inspect7® devices report a smooth experience leaving them more time for performing other work-related tasks.  The virtual storage simplifies the workflow and creates space for an error-free and safe environment.   

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Further information relating to the statutory requirements for inspections can be found at: 

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