Working in a safe environment should be number one priority for all businesses that deal with any type of risk during their working hours. This is especially vital for workers whose lives are in immediate danger if their PPE fails to perform. It’s crucial to ensure that your workers safety harnesses are properly maintained and inspected.  

According to the HSE, there are three types of inspections that must be conducted 

  • Pre-use inspections  
  • Periodical detailed inspections  
  • Interim inspections  

The pre-use inspections must be conducted every time before the harness is used. This is a quick basic check of the equipment. On the other hand, the periodical inspections must be conducted at least once every six months. If the harness is used very often, then the inspection should happen every three months. These safety harness checks are very detailed. Finally, interim inspections should be conducted in addition to the periodical inspections. These are crucial when the harness is used in environments that could help with its quick deterioration or in an event that could damage the harness.  

Nobody can deny the importance of maintaining personal protective equipment. These checks are mandatory and guarantee the well-being of the employees whose lives depend on these pieces of equipment. On the other hand, the longer you work in the industry, the more equipment you need to check which in turn creates a lot of paperwork that needs to be safely stored somewhere.  

With this in mind, SafeTime® have created the Inspect7® system that allows you to record your inspections. 

The Inspect7® zip tie is perfect for use on inspecting the smaller thing such as harnesses and also for other items for example tethered tools and which works in the same way as our Inspect7® devices, but with no digital display, making it a considerably cheaper alternative whilst keeping all the benefits of the Inspect7® system

Inspect7® is an electronic inspection system that allows the user to carry out and record the inspection.  Simply attach a tie or asset tag to your harness to make sure you never miss an inspection again.  The system will allow you to store photos as accurate records of conditions & defects 

How Does SafeTime® Inspect7® Work 

Inspect7® comes with an easy to use app that can be downloaded for your smartphone.  Simply scan one of our tags or labels and carry out an inspection of your equipment.  You can record photos, comments or even assign actions to another member of your team.  All the data is available for the whole team to see immediately and use without running back and forth and checking any paperwork. This allows for very effective time management and access to all the information needed in order for the job to run smoothly.  

Companies that use our Inspect7® devices report a smooth experience leaving them more time for performing other work-related tasks.  The virtual storage simplifies the workflow and creates space for an error-free and safe environment.  

To find out more book a short online demonstration by visiting 

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