When working from heights, health and safety is the top priority. To ensure safe working conditions are achieved, key safety protocols have to be met for the prevention and protection from falls. Ensuring that the correct equipment is installed, maintained and inspected is vital to achieving this.

What are Anchor Points?

Anchor points are the critical link, connecting the personal fall protection equipment to either the structure or a device to prevent falls.

There are five “types” of recognised Anchor Systems recognised by BS7883:2019. Regardless of industry, all elevated workspaces that have these systems need to pass safety inspections before use. These inspections must be conducted every 12 months or 6 months depending on the systems installed and should only be conducted a competent person. The competent person conducting the inspection should have the knowledge, training, and experience to identify any potential hazards. Please review the inspection requirements and timescales for your installed systems to stay compliant with legislation.

How can Inspect7® help?

With these conditions in mind, the Inspect7® Structural Tie labels are the perfect solution from SafeTime® for connecting to Anchor Points to record inspections. A simple cable tie or carabiner attaches the visible tagging systems to the Anchor Point and with a tap from a NFC-enabled device, the inspection can be conducted through our award winning mobile app.

The inspection information can then be accessed with any web-enabled device on our Inspect7® cloud-based portal. The portal provides all the data collected from inspections, pass or failed status, implement follow-up tasks and reminders for future inspections. By using a digital platform, inspection information can be easily stored and accessed, allowing for quick and efficient reviews of inspection reports.

Overall, implementing a digital system like SafeTime® Inspect7® for Anchor Point inspections can help to improve safety and protect workers from potential hazards whilst ensuring timely inspections.

To find out more, book a free online demonstration.

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