New “Inspect7® labels”

You talked, we listened… We’re very excited to announce our brand new hardware product, the Inspect7® label! 

What is an Inspect7® label?

The Inspect7® label is our new passive inspection system. The label works in the same way as our inspection device but with no digital display, helping users reduce their hardware costs whilst keeping all the benefits of the Inspect7® system. The double-sided label allows inspectors to show the assignment has been failed by displaying it’s red “Do Not Use” side when the structure becomes unsafe. 

How much do they cost?

The Inspect7® label is considerably cheaper than our Inspect7® device, costing £99 for a pack of 30 labels, which works out at just £3.30 per label! On top of this, just like our Inspect7® device, the Inspect7® label can be re-assigned on a new project once an old project has been finished, making it reusable for an unlimited number of inspections. Now that’s what you call cost effective! 

Where can I buy them? 

The Inspect7® labels can be purchased from our Online Shop. As with our Inspect7® device, a subscription is required for them to work. For more subscription information visit our Pricing page. 




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