Why choose Inspect7®?

As you are probably aware, Scafftag is Inspect7®‘s main competitor. Inspect7® was born as a result of being a better alternative to the traditional scaffolding tag, “Scafftag”. But why make the change to the “21st century” way of carrying out scaffolding inspections? Here’s why…

Real Time Reports
Email Notifications
Weather Notifications 
Nr of InspectionsUnlimited12

Save Money With Inspect7®!


Option 1: Traditional Scafftag:
image of a scafftag
  • £4.85 Per Tag
  • Limited to 12 Inspections
  • £0.20 Per Inspection*
  • No Other Features or Benefits

*Based on the price of 20 tags from www.Scafftag.co.uk

Option 2: The Inspect7® Device:


inspect7 scaffolding inspection device
  • £15.95 Per Device
  • Unlimited Inspections
  • 100% Paperless
  • Cloud Syncing to the Online Portal
  • Also Dozens of Beneficial Features                                                                                                 (See Features Here!)


Plus… The environmental benefits:

Not only does Inspect7® offer all of these great additional features, the system is also a lot better for the environment. Using a “cloud” based system means that there is no archiving, as well as a major reduction in landfill. Not only is this better for the environment, but also reduces printing costs!


Still not fully convinced? Read ScaffMag’s press release for our recent updates to Inspect7®!

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