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Working at height can be very dangerous at the best of times, especially more so during bad weather conditions. At safetime® we pride ourselves on ensuring scaffolding safety, and have the motto “Solutions, not problems“. This was the motivation behind coming up with this particular solution. 

The Problem?

Scaffolding safety is always a big issue. We are all aware that scaffolding can be a dangerous place at the best of times, let alone during bad weather conditions, such as high winds. High winds makes working on scaffolding very difficult and dangerous. Without checking local weather on a regular basis, there was no easy way to be pre-warned of bad conditions at the specific scaffolding location. With this is mind, safetime® wanted to implement a feature that could solve this issue and ensure scaffolding safety is always maintained. 

The Solution?

Geographic Weather Notifications ?️

Geographic Weather Notifications provide safetime® users with relevant weather information via the safetime® online portal. This feature simply act as a ‘heads up’ tool for the project manager, or anyone associated with the project, which helps them ensure scaffolding safety at all times. We wanted this information to be accurate as well as regularly updated. Therefore we we decided to implement this data directly from the Met Office, the most accurate and updated weather source for the UK.  

When an Inspect7 device (scaffolding inspection device) is assigned to a project, a location is also given, which determines exactly where that device is located. Each device within a project has it’s own dashboard, including a weather feed for the past 7 days, as seen below: 

image of weather log for ensuring scaffolding safety

…Ensure scaffolding safety at all times using the above weather log


So when does the “notifications” come in to play? When there is significantly high winds at the device’s location, an automatic notification will be sent. This will notify the user that there has been high winds, and suggest that the scaffold should be re-inspected before using it again. Although not a legal requirement to do so, we recommended to re-inspect the scaffold after wind speeds of 27mph or above. This will ensure that scaffolding safety is always maintained. 

More Scaffolding Safety Features!

Geographic Weather Notifications is one of many features safetime® has to offer in terms of scaffolding safety. See the rest of safetime®‘s features here!

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