Why choose Inspect7® over SMART Scaffolder?

While SMART Scaffolder offers a similar system to Inspect7®, when it comes to innovation, efficiency & cost Inspect7® cannot be beaten!

Feature(s) Inspect7® SMART Scaffolder
No Minimum Contract 
Free Client Access
Unlimited Data Usage 
Weather Notifications 
Nr of users included 5 2
Set-up time Immediate Up to a week*
Cost (per month) £199 £300^

In More Detail…

Minimum contract?

Inspect7®: There is no minimum contract. As a result, we do not tie you down to a 6 or 12-month contract. Subscription to safetime® is a rolling month per month contract.

SMART Scaffolder: 9 months subscription for up to 2 users or 24 months subscription for up to 2 users.

Free client access? 

Inspect7®:  Giving access to inspection information to your clients is free.

SMART Scaffolder: SMART Scaffolder also provide client access. However, they charge a fee of £80 per additional user to do so.

Number of users included in the subscription? 

Inspect7®: 5 users. £4.99 per extra user per month. 

SMART Scaffolder: 2 users. £80 per extra user per month. 

Limit of data storage? 

Inspect7®: We do not cap the amount of data you can use when using the Inspect7® online portal, therefore no additional charges.

SMART Scaffolder: There is a cap on the amount of data you can use, as well as an additional charge for using more.

Weather Notifications?

Inspect7®: The Inspect7® system uses data to produce accurate weather reports. This also then notifies the user if a re-inspection is recommended.

SMART Scaffolder: Offers no weather reports or notifications. 


Inspect7®: Our geo-tagging / map overlay feature shows the user the locations of their projects & even where the last inspections were carried out.

SMART Scaffolder: This is not a feature. Therefore, this could lead to inspectors fraudulently carrying out inspections away from the actual scaffolding, e.g. back in the office. 

Set-Up time?

Inspect7®: The set-up time is a very quick process, which involves signing up as a user, and then assigning your device to your company and project.

SMART Scaffolder:  Set up time can take up to a week. 

The cost?

Inspect7®: The cost of the subscription to the Inspect7® portal is £199 per/month (no minimum contract) 

SMART Scaffolder: SMART Scaffolder do not advertise their cost, however, consumer research found that the cost of the subscription is £300^ per/month for 2 users. 

Extra: Identifying the tag?

Inspect7®: Simply scan the Inspect7® device and bring up all the device’s information and reports. 

SMART Scaffolder: To do this you will need to know the reference number of the tag before you can produce a report, which takes additional time. 


Both products are designed to aid the scaffolding inspection process using technology and software. While both provide a software solution to the process, there is no comparison when it comes to innovation and features that make the process simple and efficient. On a final point, trying to provide a ‘paperless’ process is the aim of both products, using SMART Scaffolder still requires the use of a traditional “Scafftag”, whereas safetime® have designed the electronic Inspect7® device, making the process 100% paperless.  

Why not check out our “Inspect7 vs ScaffTag” post too! 

The information in the article is based on consumer research and is accurate to our own knowledge. Please do not hesitate to tell us if there is any incorrect information provided and we will correct it.

*This set-up time is based on customer research
^This is the cost provided from a number of customers that safetime® has had a dialogue with who have trialled the software.  Prices are correct at the time of posting.

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