FAQ: How often does a scaffold need to be inspected?

Following scaffolding inspection requirements are key to ensuring safety when working at height. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that inspections are carried out correctly. We are often asked questions regarding the requirements for scaffolding inspections such as:

How often does a scaffold need to be inspected?


Scaffolding inspections should be carried out on site at regular intervals and that they are undertaken by a competent person.  The Work at Height Regulations 2005 state that scaffolding should be inspected:

  • After installation/before it is used for the first time
  • At intervals of at least every seven days following installation
  • Following any circumstances which could compromise the safety of the scaffolding, such as adverse weather conditions


Scaffolding inspections should always be conducted by a qualified and competent person. The person conducting the inspection should always have a suitable level of experience. The Construction Industry Scaffolders Registration Scheme (CISRS) is able to assess those wishing to be able to inspect scaffolding in order to declare them competent. 

image of the citb logo for scaffolding inspection requirements

*At safetime® we evaluate every user using the Construction Industry Training Board, known as CITB. The CITB’s Online Card Checker allows us to ‘Check card and test details for any scheme membership and test administered by CITB’. This ensures that every inspector using safetime® is fully qualified and competent enough to carry out a scaffold inspection.

Scaffolding Inspection Requirements:

The following information should be included in every scaffolding inspection report:

  • Name and address of the person who carried out the inspection and their position
  • The location, date and time
  • A description of the place where the scaffold was inspected
  • Details of defects or anything identified during the inspection that could pose a risk to the health or safety of any person and any action to be taken
  • Details of any further action considered necessary

*Once an inspection has been carried out using safetime®, all of this information is recorded and immediately synced with the online portal. This can then be accessed and viewed online in real time by anyone who needs access.

Visit our Homepage to find out how safetime® can assist your scaffolding inspections.

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