Automated payments

We have now fully implemented our automated payments system. The new efficient system makes it simple and economic for ongoing monthly/annual subscriptions to be paid using either your debit or credit card.

This removes the risk for us as a business with debtors which enables us to pass the benefit of this reduced risk over to our customers. We are proud to be able to say that the silver package is still the same price that it was back in 2013 even though we have incurred additional costs from our supply chain.

The majority of our customers are very loyal and have been with us for many years so we also wanted to provide them with an additional benefit, we have therefore also offered a solution where if you pay annually you get a saving. Use the link below to see the potential savings of an annual plan.

The new automated system will come into force from 01 May 2019, all invoices going forward will be issued in the new format and the following procedure will occur:

  1. Invoice issued via email to the designated email address
  2. Invoice received by the customer
  3. Customer clicks the link on the invoice and pays using their debit / credit card
  4. The payment details are saved by our payments provider (stripe), not by safetime®
  5. The following month/year, the payment is automatically taken and an invoice is sent for your records

It’s that simple. If at any time you want to upgrade/downgrade/cancel or see copies of your invoices, you can simply click the link below:

Please note any cancellations will have to be done via our portal as per the above or a written request sent to

Should you have any issues or you wish to discuss your subscription plan, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Thank you for subscribing to our system, we hope you love it as much as we do!

Further details of the subscriptions costs/Terms and Conditions can be found at

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