The Inspect7® Structural tie label is an inspection label for structural ties. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

The Structural Tie is used for attaching to a structural tie for recording information relevant to scaffold ties and will help to provide an efficient and seamless way to always ensure safety in any construction environment.

The purpose of structural/scaffold ties are to restrain scaffolding standards in the correct position so that they can carry the weight of the structure as well as personnel and materials on boards. The standards may be exposed to high winds that will affect the safety of the standards by pulling them away or pushing them towards the building.

The ties that are required for a stable platform depend on the height, wind exposure, and whether it is debris netted or sheeted. The tie duty is, is the tension load that each tie will have to resist in order to prevent the scaffolding from moving. This therefore determines which type of tie should be used and the strength of the tie is known as the safe working load.

Why Use Inspect7 ®   Structural Ties                      

Inspect7 Structural Ties are easy to use and will help to prevent accidents by showing whether the scaffold is safe to use and if it has been inspected recently. The tie is compatible with both Android and iOS devices making it accessible for anyone on site.

How Does SafeTime® Inspect7® Work 

Inspect7® comes with an easy to use app that can be downloaded for your smartphone.  Simply scan one of our tags or labels and carry out an inspection of your equipment.  You can record photos, comments or even assign actions to another member of your team.  All the data is available for the whole team to see immediately and use without running back and forth and checking any paperwork. This allows for very effective time management and access to all the information needed in order for the job to run smoothly.  

Companies that use our Inspect7® devices report a smooth experience leaving them more time for performing other work-related tasks.  The virtual storage simplifies the workflow and creates space for an error-free and safe environment.  

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